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    About Us

    Passport Cargo is known for its exceptional customer service and diverse transportation solutions. Our success is built on our ability to meet the specific and diverse needs of our customers. We work closely with our customers to develop custom transportation solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective. There are no size restrictions placed on our customers; we transport any size shipment to any destination worldwide. Flexibility is the key to our operation. We recognize that each client has unique needs, and we provide tailored solutions that meet the demands of today's shipper.

    We recognize that quality of customer service is paramount in today's transportation industry and we treat every shipment with great care, providing personal attention and follow-up to each delivery. Personal contact is the strength of our service, and our customer service representatives personally answer all calls. We do not use voicemail. We want to talk directly with our clients and vendor partners to hear what they need, and continue to create long-term business successes. We know that our success depends on our client's success.

    Our agreements with all major carriers enable us to provide the highest level of service. Consolidation services are moved, whenever possible, on direct flights, reducing the possibility of delays. Our agents are notified at once when your cargo is dispatched, enabling prompt customs clearance and customer notification.

    Passport Cargo has a full range of value-added services that meet the needs of its diverse client base in today's world of tight security systems. These services include warehousing and distribution facilities, long and short-term storage warehousing, 3PL capabilities, insurance coverage, and full customs clearance services. Alliances with domestic and global partners enable us to enhance our service and to provide unparalleled reliability, and cost-effective management of completely integrated freight solutions.


    Passport was founded by Abilio da Costa who had the vision to create an organization that provides a superior level of professionalism and efficiency. Over the years, Passport has grown by attracting astute clients through our predictable standards of providing accuracy and flexibility. Many clients continued to utilize Passport's services since the onset of its inception because of a team that cares about making a difference, maintaining a high level of integrity and commitment towards its clients.

    Passport Cargo is Value... Reliability... Flexibility... Excellent Customer Service

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